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God is calling America to her knees, beginning with the Pastors and Leaders in His House. If we will come to Him in humility, purity, and unity...If we will pour out our prayers like rain to Him, then He will come and pour out His Spirit upon this nation and everything will begin to change! Read or Hear it here

Pastors Prayer Challenge
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"My House will be called a House of Prayer for all nations." Mark 11:17

God is calling Pastors and churches all across America to their knees. There is a call going forth for genuine repentance and massive prayer.

It's time to make God's House a House of Prayer, as Jesus called it to be.

God wants to bring a Great Awakening to America and we believe it must begin with repentance and prayer – from the Pulpits, to the Pews, then to the multitudes!

OUR GOAL is to reach every Pastor and Church in America with this message!

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What is Nation-Changing Prayer?
What kind of prayer will bring the real change our churches and nation so desperately need? Nation-changing prayer! Cindy shares the 3 kinds of prayer that God says will change everything!

Two Paths
12PM Prayer Challenge
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Take the 12:00 O'Clock Prayer Challenge and Help us Bring America to her knees and back to God. Will you help us bring a true Great Awakening to America?

12 O'Clock Prayer is Spreading!
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What Must We Do To Truly Change America?
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Key Messages
The Course of a Nation is in Our hands...
A Great Visitation
America! America! (God’s Heart Cry!)
How the Great Awakening Begin?
Genuine Repentance Will Lead to Mercy

How to Pray?
Prayer Guide


Pray America! Pray!